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he was broken, beaten,

almost into submission,

his limbs disobedient,

recalcitrant children

that won’t keep up,

that he has to drag along behind him.


his brain short-circuiting,

supplying the wrong words,

or nothing at all.

a blankness in his mind

where reason used to be.


it seems now

he is always

in the process

of falling.

and her arms

are weary

of catching him.


she has no strength left

to hold him up,

never mind the will.

he’s sapped it all

over long sad months

of not trying hard enough.


her debt can never be repaid.

the account is written in his blood.

his body bears the scars

of unrequited love.


can he help

wanting more

than a kind hand

on his shoulder,

a soft voice

in his ear every

now and then?


can he help

seeking to lay

his head down

on her beating heart,

to just close his eyes

for a minute,

and breathe her in?

Poem about Quinn & Carrie. Photo of Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland.

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