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in thrall to the notion

of a boy at school,

whose languid unfocused gaze

as he leans back against a wall

and releases a long extended sigh,

indicative of wasted days and nights

and boredom unenhanced by intellect,

can electrify her with desire,

and freeze her with terror

at one and the same time.

suddenly she is fraught and tense

with night-before-the-

exam apprehension.

her hands tingle and sweat

and her thoughts seem to halt abruptly

without warning, then resume

so that they crash into each other,

like items held up on a conveyor.

About Angela/Jordan/Rickie/Rayanne/Brian from My So-called Life, so brilliantly played by Claire Danes, Jared Leto/Wilson Cruz/A J Langer/Devon Gummersall. Song is ‘Late at Night’ by Buffalo Tom.

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Thanks to all for reading this month’s poems. Phew, another napowrimo over.