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small lighthouse

one day, a while ago,
my life set sail without me
and I waved it off from the dock,
blithe in sandalled feet and strappy summer dress,
all see-through with the brilliant sun behind me.

I too was translucent,
my edges incandescent,
slim and lithe and hopeful
with youth’s first ardour.
my eyes set on the horizon,
vitality bursting out of me like a song,
the world my oyster to discover.

I didn’t know my path was fixed,
circumscribed by my past,
my personality all flaws
and no fortitude.
my shortcomings, never overcome,
tethered me like a long leash,
never letting me stray too far,
tautening, tightening and pulling me back.
and I would only ever stand alone
on the farthest end of the jetty
and cast a wistful glance out to sea.