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he sings a song in church,

absorbed by a melody,

transfigured by

something not quite holy.

his sweetly solemn face

as serious and intent

as a choirboy’s when

tasked with a tricky solo

at a special sunday service.


he avoids all the kind eyes

that graze his skin with looking

and pierce his heart with longing,

directs his gaze up and away,

as if to apprehend grace.


he clears the nerves out of his throat

and shakes off shyness with a smile,

swallows once to prepare himself.

and the onlookers drink him in

like a long cool glass of water.


he turns, unfurls like a flower

to sabbath’s stained glass sunlight,

throwing spangled jewels

of ruby and emerald on wood and stone.

his face upturned, gleaming,

he is the most radiant of them all.


Video is Evan Williams, George Blagden and Mark Rendall of Versailles performing Evan’s song, ‘Take Me Away’.