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you ride with him


the emotional

roller coaster of youth.


avert your gaze

from a discharge

of pent up rage.


but your soft centre

can still be touched

by his broken-heartedness,

his disappointment

as tangible to the onlooker

as a grazed elbow,

nursed with a pout

after a playground tumble.


he redlines,


survives on the edge of glory.

yields utterly,

tragically, to despair,

then surfaces like a

long distance swimmer

coming up for air.



issues orders

and demands,

tosses his head

like a prima donna

expecting tribute.

but his sudden sweet smile

or heartfelt hug on victory


melts antagonisms

cancels doubts,


minor misdemeanours

from your memory,

reels you right back in,

in some uncanny reversal

of catch and release.

Elemental‘ is the first in a trilogy of poems about Sascha Zverev. The second is ‘Adolescent‘ and the third ‘Disarmed‘.