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my mind flings open the doors

of conception and poems spill out,

chattering children freed by the bell

from the temporary hell of a classroom,

they push and shove and jostle

for position.


words wind themselves around my legs

crafty as cats craving attention;

or they erupt like drunks at a wedding,

uninhibited and brash,

kicking up a commotion

in the corner of my eye.


my metre is unmoored,

ungovernable as an autistic child

screaming in the middle of the street.

images emerge like photos

in a developing tank,

slowly take shape,

acquire light and shade and definition.


my verses are unbridled,

a shoal of silver fish tipped from a net

flapping on the slick boat deck,

gasping hard and

drowning in air.


they shake off form

like dogs out of a river,

ready to rampage after rabbits

through a hazy summer meadow.