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you tumbleweed from town to town

breathing dust on deserted main streets.

red warning lights blink mysteriously

on the dashboard of your rental car.

roll into a tire shop where you’re left

unexpectedly to your own devices

in the dazzling glare of the yard,

without knowing what’s going on

longing for a cool place in the shade,

dreaming of a time when you can

slow as you walk in the sand.


This poem originated from a misheard Bruce Springsteen lyric in ‘Born to Run’. Instead of ‘Oh some day girl I don’t know when/We’re going to get to that place/Where we really wanna go/And we’ll walk in the sun’, I heard the last couplet as ‘Where we really want to slow/As we walk in the sand’, which I thought beyond romantic even though I suppose it didn’t really rhyme.