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this fragile sparrow of a song,

unassuming, candy apple gray,

resonates with the lingering

and oh so bittersweet

poignancy of a dusty valentine

or a faded and dessicated rose

discovered in a broken shoebox

on the back of a shelf of your childhood.

sent by a disregarded high school beau,

his name forever inscribed in your vanity,

whose unrequited passion you now recall

with desperate fond and foolish nostalgia.

it chokes you with the lump-in-your-throat

lost loveliness of a little-known track

off a seldom played cult album of long ago.

now passion and rejection are memories

from when you used to feel

and you can scarcely remember

the girl you used to be.


Love this album, Nobody’s Fool, by Shakey Graves. Downloaded on Shakey Graves Day in February. Immediate favourites were Wolfman Agenda, Seeing All Red and Pay the Road. Seventh track Love, Patiently was more of a slowburner but has now breached my defences, impregnated my consciousness, set up a camp in the undergrowth and invited its friends round.