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the sublime cracks and wavers

of an old man’s sufferings

caught in a young man’s throat.

his voice already has a

roughness to its sweetness,

a swan that’s been dragged

through a hedge backwards,

beautifully bedraggled, renascent.


has his tragedy been written –

predestined, encapsulated

in the way he sings a song?

like it all comes down to this

and we should have known this all along.

sabotaging each new success

like an ego set on self-destruct

since before he was even born.


he storms out when he should stand still

and pushes in where he’s not wanted.

you would follow him to hell and back

but he’d only turn and flee –

you could love him but not hold him

so uncage him, set him free.


About the tremendously talented Gene Clark. So many songs I could recommend you listen to – Some Misunderstanding, Give My Love to Marie, Rain Song, Hear the Wind, Gypsy Rider, Silver Raven …