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And every other Thursday

You’re standing in the same bar

Playing to the faithful

Whoever they may be

Drinking down a cold beer

And tuning your guitar

Tossing back that thick hair

And wondering who you are


But it’s another band night

The bar is packed and feels right

They’re here to hear your songs now

They’re shouting out your name loud

So you push those thoughts away

Smile and start to play


The people here they like you

They shout and scream and cheer

It makes you feel like high school

The hero of the whole school

Like the whole world’s before you

Just laying at your feet

But it’s way past that now

Cause you feel so much older

Than you ever felt before

You feel like your future

Just walked straight out the door


When it gets right down to it

Well there aint a whole lot more to it

You curl your lip as your boots get stuck

On the tacky restroom floor

Take a deep breath and blow it out slow

Still five minutes or so to go

Got that hollow feeling in your chest

But you couldn’t want it more



My attempt at a country music song lyric.

And Christian Kane is absolutely awesome.