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Maybe you were just too youngsarah

With a smile so bright and fickle

To step up, look into her eyes

And stand up for a love

You should have believed in


You knew someone needed you

No matter what you’d been told

But you moved on and up

Left her out in the cold

The girl you once knew


She was the one true thing

You listened to a lie

Faltered, hesitated, let her go

And she slipped from your hands

And out of your life


Your times together vanished

Like rainbows dissolved into blue sky

I think in your heart though you always knew

No one else would ever be the same

As the girl you once knew


Regret runs through your life

Like the candy words on a stick of rock

That might get jagged and soft

And hard to decipher

But the message still rings true


Songs drenched in remorse

For what you failed to once do

You write them, you sing them

Then lapse into silence

Remember the girl you once knew


What did she think when she saw

Your face in the paper or on TV

And heard about the things you did

Watched you swing your hips

And swiftly lick your lips

Without a care, completely free


You held hands in trust

Lay down in long grass

Stole each other’s innocence

Now what could have been is lost

Vanished into the past


And you feel nothing but blue

For whatever you do

She’ll never be yours

She’ll always be lost

That girl you once knew


Photo of Sarah Lancaster as she is my ideal girl next door (Elisha Cuthbert would be pretty good too) though admittedly neither one likely to get left behind. From ouchpress.com. This was originally inspired by Dave Davies’s relationship with early first love Sue.